Everything you need to know on the legal obligations of companies

Companies must register with ÉEQ, report the containers, packaging and printed matter they put on Quebec’s market, specifying the weight and amount of each material they generate each year, and pay their contribution. The Schedule of Contributions establishes the implementing rules and rates for each material for a given year. Companies can then access the ECO-D reporting portal to calculate the amount of the financial contribution that is to be paid based on the amounts of materials that were generated.

The obligation applies if your company or organization:

  • Put on Quebec’s market products or services
    • for Quebec consumers
    • that generate containers, packaging or printed matter

More specifically

  • If you own a brand, name or distinguishing guise
  • And you are a company or organization registered in Quebec or with an establishment in Quebec


  • You are the first supplier of a product or service under a brand, name or distinguishing guise in Quebec whose owner is neither registered or established in Quebec, regardless of whether you are an importer or not

If your company or organization meets these criteria, you must register with ÉEQ.


Types of designated materials

  • Containers and packaging
    • made of rigid or flexible materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass or metal
    • designed to contain, protect or wrap products
    • intended for single use or with a short service life
  • Printed matter, paper and other cellulose fibres, whether or not they are used as medium for text or images, except books and newspapers. The newspapers category is represented by RecycleMédias.
  • Short-life containers and packaging sold as products and the printed matter sold as products.

Materials Guide

ÉEQ has developed a guide to help you classify by material the containers, packaging and printed matter that your company put on Quebec’s market. The guide provides concrete examples and information on possible outlets for the materials, as well as ecodesign tips.

Consult the Materials Guide

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