How can I register my company?

Go to the ECO-D reporting portal to register with ÉEQ. First, make sure you have all the necessary information. Check whether your organization is subject to the Act and appoint a primary contact. ÉEQ has developed a registration guide to support you in the process.

Download the registration guide

Does my company have to pay a financial contribution to ÉEQ?

Companies subject to the Act are organizations whose products or services generate containers, packaging or printed matter on the Quebec's market and which are established in Quebec or are the first supplier of the product. These organizations must make a contribution to compensate for municipal curbside recycling fees.

Question 1

Is your organization registered in Quebec or does it have a place of business here?

Question 2

Does your organization own a brand, name or distinguished guise or is it a leading supplier in Quebec? For example, a retailer that imports products from Ontario and which does not have a place of business in Quebec must report the containers, packaging and printed matter generated by the products

Question 3

Does your organization generate containers, packaging or printed matter that are ultimately intended for Quebec consumers?

You must answer all of the questions to determine if your company is subject to the Act.
Some organizations subject to the Act are exempt from payment

All companies subject to the Act must register with ÉEQ. Some are eligible for exemptions. An organization is exempt from payment if it meets at least one of the three following criteria:

  • It generated one or several materials whose total weight is
    ≤ 1 metric tonne in the reference year
  • It generated revenue, income or sales valued at ≤ $1M in the reference year
  • It has only one point of purchase which has less than 929 square meters that is not operated as a franchise or banner

If your organization or company meets one of these criteria, you do not have to file a detailed report. Simply access the online reporting system to confirm your exemption from payment for each Schedule of Contributions.

A simplified reporting process has been set out for small organizations and those that generate low volumes of designated materials

Some organizations are considered to be low-volume producers. For them, ÉEQ has set simplified rates to reduce the administrative burden. Companies and organizations that generate small amounts of containers, packaging and printed matter are subject to the Environment Quality Act but do not always have the resources to calculate their contributions.

ÉEQ therefore developed flat rates that are easy to apply based on the reference year, the amounts generated and revenue.

  2018 SoC
Reference year for quantities generated 2017
Quantity generated: > 1 t and ≤ 2.5 t  420 $
Quantity generated: > 2.5 t and ≤ 5 t  890 $
Quantity generated: > 5 t and ≤ 10 t 1775 $
Quantity generated: > 10 t and ≤ 15 t 2965 $
> $1 M and ≤ $2 M
2965 $


Consult all the flat fee rates (PDF)

Even if your company does not have a place of business in Quebec, you can still contribute!

Some companies that market products and services whose containers, packaging and printed matter end up in consumers’ recycling bins are not subject to the Act. For example, this is the case for organizations that do not have a place of business in Quebec.

Organizations that want to take financial responsibility for the materials they generate so their leading suppliers in Quebec are not obliged to may do so. These companies are voluntary contributors. Once declared eligible, they must follow the same reporting process as organizations subject to the Act.

To be recognized as a voluntary contributor, an organization must enter into an agreement with ÉEQ stipulating that it will:

  • pay the contribution according to the Schedule of Contributions
  • produce the required report
  • comply with the preceding points with regard to all its leading suppliers in Quebec
  • be considered subject to the compensation plan once it is recognized as a voluntary contributor by ÉEQ

If you would like to become a voluntary contributor, please read the instructions and send the duly completed agreement to the Company Services department.