Schedule of Contributions: Establishing whether you are subject to the Act and understanding the extent of your obligations

The Schedule of Contributions is a legal document that provides a framework for companies. It outlines information for organizations to determine whether they are subject to the Act, understand their obligations and consult the rates that apply for each material.

The Schedule of Contributions is developed annually from a formula based on verifiable studies and data and accounts for environmental criteria. Strictly regulated, each Schedule of Contributions is presented to companies at a consultation and must then be approved by various levels of government in order to comply with the Act.

Financing in brief: from the development of the Schedule of Contributions to the allocation of the contributions to municipalities

Rate tables

The Schedule of Contributions establishes the rates: the amounts that organizations must pay for every kilogram of marketed material. The rates vary from one material to the next. The total amount owed by an organization will therefore also vary according to the types of materials used and the quantities of materials generated.

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2018 Schedule of Contributions
Sub-category of materials 2018 (¢/kg)
Reference year for quantities generated 2017
Newsprint inserts and circulars 18,414
Catalogues and publications 26,890
Magazines 26,890
Telephone books 26,890
Paper for general use 26,890
Other printed matter 26,890
Total - Printed Matter 21,201
Corrugated cardboard 17,648
Kraft paper shopping bags 17,648
Kraft wrapping paper 17,648
Boxboard and other paper packaging 19,396
Gable-top containers 18,744
Paper laminants 27,432
Aseptic containers 22,375
Total Paperboard 19,405
Clear glass 16,832
Coloured glass 16,836
Total - Glass 16,834
Aerosol containers 16,891
Other steel containers 16,891
Total - Steel (Metal) 16,891
Aluminium containers for food and beverages 16,866
Other aluminium containers and packaging 16,866
Total Aluminum 16,866
PET bottles 27,441
HDPE bottles 10,719
Plastic laminants 44,684
HDPE and LDPE film 44,684
HDPE, LDPE shopping bags and others 44,684
Expanded polystyrene – food packaging 73,544
Expanded polystyrene – cushioning packaging 73,544
Non-expanded polystyrene 73,544
PET containers 27,441
PVC, polylactic acid (PLA) and other degradable plastics 73,544
Other plastics, polymers and polyurethane 27,757
Total - Plastics 34,235
TOTAL 22,424

Overview, new features and highlights of the 2018 Schedule of Contributions

  • Broadening of the material classes to CP&PM products
  • Obligations of big box retailer with a single retail outlet
  • Owners of “groups” responsible for CP&PM generated by imported products or services by their “members”