Extended Committee on the Modernization of Curbside Recycling

A committee set up by the Board of Directors for the duration of the work on the curbside recycling modernization project.


7 representatives of the board of directors 

Denis Brisebois, Metro, Chair of the Board

Annik Labrosse, Groupe St-Hubert

Hugo D’Amours, Cascades

Johnny Izzi, curbside recycling expert

Daniel Denis, consultant economist

Magali Depras, TC Transcontinental – GAPC

6 representatives of sectorial associations

CCCD: Michel Rochette

CICC: Michel Gadbois

CILQ: Charles Langlois

CQCD: Françoise Pâquet

CTAQ: Dimitri Fraeys

CFIB: Francis Bérubé

5 business representatives approached for their expertise

Anne-Hélène Lavoie, Sobeys

Joelle Assaraf, Costco

Pascal Lachance, Danone – GAPC

Olivier B. Charbonneau, Lactalis Canada

Christian M. Pilon, Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)