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The reporting system’s home page is a dashboard.


  • Company Reports are always listed from the most recent to the oldest. If you are late in submitting your reports, you must start from the oldest.
  • Click on « Back » and « Next » on the page to reach the previous and following pages rather than your browser functions.

Where you can view: 

  • Upcoming and filed reports
  • Your company’s account balance
  • Important messages

Use the menus at the top of the page to:

  • Change the company’s contact information
  • Add or remove contact persons
  • Access invoices
  • Change your profile, including your password and security phrase

Different reports will be suggested throughout the process. Select the model you want to use based on the information you need:

Details of the report: Generate a report in PDF format which you can save in your files.

Report summary: Generate a summary of your report in PDF format.

List of companies expected to report: Use this list to determine whether you are a brand’s first supplier. If the brand you distribute is not on the list, you may be the first supplier and therefore required to report the quantities. Consult Québec’s Enterprise Register to confirm whether the brand owner operates a place of business in Québec. In case of doubt, contact the Company Services team.

Useful links

A few links that will help you in the reporting process: 

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