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Efficiently preparing your report

Every year, your company must report the containers, packaging and printed matter put on Quebec’s market, by specifying, for each material subject to a fee, the actual weight and quantity.

If the total weight is inferior to 15 MT, you may follow the simplified process for low-volume producers, without having to report the materials separately.

If your company generated over 15 MT in the year, you must report the total number of kilograms for each designated material, detail the calculation method (see the « Methodology » section) and list the brands for which your company is responsible.

Go to the « Methodology » section of this guide for further details related to your activity sector.

Best practices for efficient reporting

First report

  1. Determine which of your company’s activities generate designated materials that are ultimately intended for Québec consumers:
    • for example, print advertising material, containers and packaging of products sold, shopping bags and delivery packaging
      • Be sure to consider all your sales in Québec, including those shipped outside the province and then reintroduced by a retail outlet in Québec.
  2. Determine whether the designated materials that are generated are your company’s responsibility:
    • for example, if your company owns the brand and is the first supplierA first supplier is a person who has a domicile or an establishment in Québec and is the first to take title, or possession, or control, in Québec, of a container, a packaging or a printed matter designated by the Schedule. in Québec
      • To determine whether your suppliers must file a report with ÉEQ, which would enable you to exclude the products sold under their brands from your own report, consult Québec’s registraire des entreprises to verify whether your suppliers have a place of business in Québec. If they do, then they are subject to the Compensation plan under the Environment Quality Act and you don’t have to report for their products.
  3. Regarding products for which your company is responsible, collect the information required to establish the weight of designated materials that are generated:
    • for example, the number of units sold or distributed, the weights and the materials of the containers, packaging or printed matter:
      • Ask your suppliers to send you any information you may need: some suppliers can provide annual purchasing reports that include the quantities of each material.
      • Ask your sector association whether it has developed sector-specific tools to support you in the reporting process.
      • Take advantage of all the deductions to which you are entitled to and be sure to have adequate and verifiable supporting documents.
      • Organize the materials you are including in your report by category and subcategory.
      • Document your methodology and data sources.

For a methodology adapted to your activity sector, please choose the profile that suits you best:




Service company


For future reporting:

  1. Determine whether any changes to your activities may impact the materials you generate, such as:
    • new product lines and brands
    • new lines of business
    • new services (online orders, etc.)
    • new print advertising campaign
  2. Determine whether new products (SKU) were considered in the report.
  3. Update the weights and materials of containers, packaging and printed matter.

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