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Where can I find the required information?

Below is a list of sources from which you may obtain the information you need to fill out your report.

Containers and packaging

  • Purchase invoices for supplies

  • Sales reports

  • Information on packaging components, unitary weights

  • Internal specifications on packaging and databases

  • Reports from your packaging suppliers

  • Third-party databases which include information on the unitary weights that companies with similar products may apply

  • When no data on unitary weights is available, you may need to weigh empty packaging

Printed matter

  • Purchase invoices for supplies or advertising material
  • Information provided by printers to determine the type of paper used and the quantities and weights of printed matter
  • Information provided by branches and franchisees to determine the quantities of generated printed matter intended for consumers

Useful links

A few links that will help you in the reporting process: 

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