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Registering online

  • Go to the ECO-D website
  • Read the instructions and scroll through the registration fields by pressing on « Next ».
  • Fill in the required information

Company address outside Québec

ÉEQ will ask you to confirm your address in Québec. Once you have done so, you may continue.

  • If your company is not domiciled in Québec, does it still generate materials that are ultimately intended for Québec consumers?
  • If so, fill out and submit the application form to become a Voluntary Contributor

Address of the primary contact

  • If the primary contact’s address is the same as the company’s, select Click here to enter the company’s main address. All the information will be automatically copied. Indicate the contact’s telephone extension.
  • If the primary contact’s address is different from the company’s, fill in all fields manually.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation to provide the primary contact with:

  • A targeted company number
  • A user name
  • A password  


  • A confirmation that your company is not targeted and is therefore not required to file a report because you did not report any designated materials or materials ultimately intended for Québec consumers. In this case, you will not receive access codes. No further action is required.

Should your company status change, you would need to repeat the process.

Important note

  • Save your company identifiers received from ÉEQ in your files. You will need them to access the ECO-D online reporting portal.
  • Your company may be required to provide supporting documents at a later date.
  • If your company filed an application to become a Voluntary Contributor, you will not immediately receive access codes. The primary contact will be asked to fill out a form to become a Voluntary Contributor. The login information required to access the system will be provided once the application is approved.

Useful links

A few links that will help you in the reporting process: 

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