FEBRUARY 5, 2015

The first Forum on Curbside Recycling Optimization
brings together almost 200 key players


“Solutions that matter,” the very first Quebec Forum on Curbside Recycling Optimization held on January 28, 2015, brought together almost 200 industry players – a participation rate that demonstrates solid commitment to improving a curbside recycling system that is already recognized from economic, environmental and social standpoints. ÉEQ has taken up the challenge to establish a concerted process in order to identify concrete avenues for improving the system put in place 20 years ago. Mission accomplished! The fruitfulness of exchanges showed that we have the necessary talent and tools to set this industry apart as a distinctive sector in Quebec and on the international scene. Participants also discussed recommendations resulting from an ÉEQ initiative, supported by KPMG-SECOR, that were presented to the Commission des transports et de l’environnement the day after the Forum. Thanks to all participants! You asked to pursue discussions, and ÉEQ is already working on making that happen.

Maryse Vermette, President and CEO


Players in the curbside recycling value chain have their say

Getting informed: The Forum invited participants to reflect on the issues in 3 ways: getting informed, inspiring one another and contributing. The Forum opened with a portrait of the current curbside recycling system in Quebec, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Radio-Canada journalist Jean-Sébastien Cloutier. Speaking about the issues and challenges they face, long-time industry players included Louise Fecteau, Manager of the Away-from-Home Recovery Program, Benoît de Villiers, President and CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC, Réjean Pion, Managing Director, Régie intermunicipale d’Acton et des Maskoutains, Johnny Izzi, Managing Director, Gaudreau Environnement.

Zooming on success factors

Inspiring each other: Mid-morning, a KPMG/SECOR expert presented the highlights of an analysis recently conducted in cooperation with ÉEQ to identify and prioritize avenues for optimizing the system. At the luncheon conference, Joachim Quoden, Managing Director of EXPRA, an association of European eco-organizations that ÉEQ has recently joined, gave a presentation on key success factors drawn from their 20 years of experience in extended producer responsibility.

Concrete and innovative solutions to improve the system

Contributing: Finally, suggestions and comments shared during the day’s themed workshops were pooled to produce innovative solutions and directions to be taken in order to bring about change. “The status quo is not an option for the future,” commented ÉEQ Board Chairman Denis Brisebois. “Along with key players in the system, we are striving to build a curbside recycling business model that reflects Quebec’s reality and respects sustainable development principles.” A number of courses of action were defined and outlined in the Forum wrap-up report.

Surprise visit of our new spokesperson!

To conclude on a celebratory note as Maryse Vermette made her closing remarks, Éric Salvail, TV host and ÉEQ’s new spokesperson popped in to surprise participants right after the presentation of a video announcing his new role on behalf of ÉEQ’s Company Services!

Speech by Minister Coiteux during a cocktail reception sponsored by CETEQ and McCarthy Tétrault

Lending his support to optimization efforts, Martin Coiteux, Quebec’s Minister responsible for Government administration and Continuing program review as well as Treasury Board Chairman, commended the curbside recycling industry for rallying to the issue. He made his comments at the Forum’s closing cocktail reception attended by Richard Mimeau, CETEQ’s Managing Director, Maryse Vermette, ÉEQ’s President and CEO, M. Bélanger, CETEQ’s Board Chairman, and Denis Brisebois, ÉEQ Board Chairman.

ÉEQ submits recommendations to parliamentarians the day after the Forum

On January 29, ÉEQ appeared before the Commission de transports et de l’environnement as part of public consultations on the review of Quebec’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2015-2020. As a key player in the move towards a greener economy in Quebec, ÉEQ presented the recommendations on curbside recycling optimization that were discussed during the Forum. ÉEQ partners, including CPEQ, CPQ, OCR and the Institut d’économie circulaire, made submissions along the same lines. View the press release »

Be on the lookout: Video capsules on the day’s events and presentations will be made available soon.

ÉEQ wishes to thank Miller Thomsons for participating as a Forum partner.
Photo credits: Marie-Andrée Blais



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