Tri-logique awareness program by Réseau Environnement

ÉEQ is a partner in the Tri-logique program, which aims to promote sound waste management. Led by Réseau Environnement, the initiative provides municipalities with communication tools, kiosks and outreach officers to help citizens better sort their recyclables. Tri-logique demystifies which materials belong in recycling bins and which should be sent to an ecocentre or to the composting bin or trash.

In 2016, 16 municipalities enrolled in the Tri-logique program. In three months, five outreach officers visited over 34 schools, day camps, festivals and other public events in the participating municipalities.

The Tri-logique program supports municipalities in:

  • reaching the objectives of the Plan d’action de la politique québécoise en gestion des matières résiduelles
  • informing citizens on how waste is processed and helping them better sort the items they dispose of
  • increasing the amount and quality of the materials that are recovered
  • highlighting municipal initiatives for sound waste management
  • strengthening citizens’ sense of belonging to their municipality