Glossary for service company

Before you begin the reporting process, get up to date on key concepts by consulting the glossary for service companies.

Methodology to facilitate the reporting process

It is important to explain the methodology used to collect or estimate your data as part of the reporting process. In this section, you will find everything you need to develop your own work methodology.

Use the dedicated page in the ECO-D online reporting portal to detail your methodology.


  • List all the products sold during the reporting year
  • Determine those responsible for each product:

– Include all the containers, packaging and printed matter related to your private brand products and those for which you are the first supplier in Québec

– Identify the components of each product for which you are responsible. For example, in the insurance sector, for an insurance contract sent by mail:

– envelope or plastic film

– insurance contract

  • Include the materials added at the point of sale. For example: receipts and invoices, plastic film bags, etc.
  • Include all marketing-related printed matter. For example: catalogues, flyers, inserts, guidebooks, etc.
  • List all the containers, packaging and printed matter used to fulfill online orders. For example: shipping boxes, padded envelopes, etc.
  • List the products distributed free of charge at special and promotional events.
  • Indicate the data sources used to complete your report. For example: real unit weight determined manually or provided by the manufacturer, supplier or printer.


  • Especially for companies in telecommunications, returned merchandise that is:

– recalled

– expired

– damaged and cannot be sold to a consumer

– not distributed

  • All containers, packaging and printed matter used or recovered in-house (i.e. copies of contracts signed by clients, forms filled in and returned by clients, etc.), unsold or not distributed.
  • Containers and packaging meant for a final consumer that is an industrial, commercial or institutional establishment.
  • Books and materials included in the newspaper class. For example: travel book.



  • Describe your activities and products and list the number of establishments you operate in Québec.
  • Mention the changes since the last report.
  • Explain any considerable variations between the current quantities you are reporting and those included in the last report.

For example:

– increase or decrease in sales (%)

– launch of new products

– branch openings and closings

– acquisition or sale of brands

– reduction in packaging

– implementation of new measures

Reporting the containers, packaging and printed matter you put on the market in Québec each year can be a time-consuming exercise. But the right tools make it easier!

Examples of designated materials to include in your report

Insurance / banking
Produits : À classifier dans :

Flyers / brochures 

Other printed matter / Catalogues and publications (if bound)

Transaction receipts 

Other printed matter

Insurance contracts

Other printed matter

Account statements 

Other printed matter 

Envelopes and correspondence 

Other printed matter

Promotional material (calendar, notepad, etc.)

Notepads: Paper for general use
Calendar: Other printed matter

Teaching institutions
Produits : À classifier dans :


Catalogues and publications

Correspondence (invoices, statements of account, letters and envelopes, etc.) / Program brochures

Other printed matter

Notepads bearing the institution’s crest/image

Paper for general use

Hassle-free reporting

Examples of containers, packaging and printed matter made up of several materials subject to a fee

Some containers, packaging and printed matter raise a few questions. In what material class should I report the bottlecap, label or lid? A picture is worth a thousand words!

Common errors by service companies

The reports filed by service companies often contain the same errors. Here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid them!

You generate less than 15 TM of designated materials or your revenue is in the $1M and $2M range?