Packaging eco-design must become the norm. ÉEQ’s objective is to give companies the tools and guidance they need to successfully design eco-responsible packaging.

The Ecodesign and Circular Economy Team carries out interventions in order to better understand the context of packaging in Quebec and to identify companies’ needs to implement concrete ecodesign measures.

« By introducing environmental criteria into the design of their packaging, companies are adhering to a circular business model and ensuring that their ecological footprint is smaller. »

—Geneviève Dionne, Director, Ecodesign and Circular Economy

Overview of ecodesign

  • Reduces the environmental footprint of packaging by considering all phases in its life cycle
  • Considers environmental and standard design criteria (e.g. usability, safety, performance, aesthetics and cost) in the earliest design stages

Economic advantages

Raw materials sourcing cost savings

Transport and distribution cost savings

Growth in sales linked to a better differentiation strategy and better communications to consumers

Competitive advantages

Response to the expectations of consumers and society

Adaptation to regulatory requirements

Development of a team culture and employee retention

Better differentiation strategy

Stronger leadership

Environmental and social advantages

Material requirement savings

Energy and water savings

Lower health and safety risks

Stronger supplier relationships

Our services

  • For over a decade, the Ecodesign and Circular Economy team at Éco Entreprises Québec has disseminated industry best practices to democratize packaging and printed matter ecodesign in Québec.
  • To help guide your packaging ecodesign approach and ensure you have the tools you need at each step of the way, the team provides training, documentation and resources.

Business support

  • Best ecodesign and circular economy practices
  • Decision-making and ecodesign action prioritization tools
  • Personalized advice and identification of opportunities for improvement (recyclability, materials, optimization, transport, supply, etc.)
  • Assistance in the development of packaging ecodesign policies, actions plans and roadmaps
  • Assistance in the development of business cases for environmental communication 

Ecodesign training

  • Packaging: context and issues
  • Packaging: functions and features
  • Life cycle analysis and circular economy
  • Ecodesign strategies (procurement, choice of materials, recyclability, etc.)
  • Recycling (mechanical and molecular), sorting centres and composting
  • New trends in packaging ecodesign

Case studies using a simplified life cycle analysis tool

  • Development of improved packaging (comparative study of environmental benefits)
  • Development of new packaging (analysis of environmental benefits)

A first in Canada!

ÉEQ aligns curbside recycling partners behind a concrete and ambitious action plan to make Québec a leader in circular economy. 

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