Fee structure and terms

Targeted companies must report the weights of the containers, packaging and printed matter they put on the market in Québec each year and classify them according to 30 material classes.

Your packaging ecodesign efforts could help you get a credit on your contribution! The ecodesign incentive bonus, a pilot project introduced since 2021 SoC, aims at changing the SoC through eco-modulation measures. All details, here

Financing in brief: from the development of the Schedule of Contributions to the allocation of the contributions to municipalities

  • 1. ÉEQ sets out the draft Schedule of Contributions
  • 2. ÉEQ presents the draft Schedule of Contributions to companies at a consultation
  • 3. The board of directors of ÉEQ adopts the Schedule of Contributions
  • 4. RECYC-QUÉBEC recommends the Schedule of Contributions
  • 5. The Government of Québec approves the Schedule of Contributions
  • 6. The Schedule of Contributions is published in the Gazette officielle du Québec Order of the Minister, Gazette officielle du Québec (2023 SoC)
  • 7. Companies report and pay their financial contributions to ÉEQ Under way Table - Timeline for company reporting and contribution payments
  • 8. ÉEQ pays the annual compensation to RECYC-QUÉBEC
  • 9. RECYC-QUÉBEC distributes the compensation to municipalities

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