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A team of curbside recycling experts entirely dedicated to municipal administrators offers timely support that is both customized and free.

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Throughout Québec, best practices workshops are generating exchanges opportunities between municipal organizations

The workshops:

  • Approach topics from a practical angle
  • Are adapted to your reality
  • Are intended for municipal waste managers, general managers and elected officials
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Support that meets your needs

  • Improve your environmental performance
  • Find the best ways to enhance your citizen services
  • Stimulate competition and get a higher number of bidders
  • Enhance your calls for tenders
  • Launch a sorting centre modernization project
  • Pool municipalities in the same call for tenders
  • Maximize your collection routes

List of workshop themes

  • Smart collection and incentive tariff
  • Serving industries, commerces and institutions (ICI) and multi-dwelling buildings
  • Public call for tenders process
  • Collection containers, methods and frequency
  • Compensation plan and calculating the performance and efficiency (PE) factor
  • Citizen Information, Awareness and Education (IAE)
  • Eco-design
  • Sorting centre
  • New collection technologies
  • Curbside recycling and measures as part of a residual materials management plan (RMMP)
  • Recyclable materials crisis

Why implement better curbside recycling practices in your area?

Increase the quantities of recovered and sorted materials

Improve quality of recovered and sorted materials

Get better value for money

Improve service to citizens

Many tangible and measurable benefits

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Best curbside recycling practices for municipalities, systematically presented in technical fact sheets, as well as telling examples from municipal organizations who have successfully implemented those practices.