ÉEQ is optimizing the local development of the recyclable materials supply chain from an economic and environmental perspective.

The Market Development and Sorting Technologies (MDST) team shares its expertise with Québec sorting centres, conditioners and recyclers to create and maintain synergies with stakeholders throughout the recycling process.

Solutions are being developed for all recyclable materials. We must give ourselves the means to put them into action with the entire community.

– Normand Gadoury, Director, Market Development and Sorting Technologies

Our ecosystem

The Market Development and Sorting Technologies (MDST) team possesses broad expertise that it shares with all industry stakeholders with the goal of maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain that is Québec’s curbside recycling system.

Redesigned packaging

Ecodesigned, reusable and refillable packaging options are among the means advocated by ÉEQ to reduce quantities of materials at the source and facilitate their processing within the curbside recycling system. The MDST team supports organizations seeking to market ecodesigned, recycled and recyclable packaging to strengthen the sorting, conditioning and recycling channels.   

Local market development

To consolidate the system’s performance, the MDST team works to assess the needs of conditioners and recyclers, identify networking opportunities and generate business relationships that benefit the sustainable development of the local recycling economy. Through its interventions and partnerships, the team develops a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

An effective system

The MDST team conducts materials characterization studies to effectively tackle curbside recycling challenges. It also profiles new technologies through technological, business and strategic intelligence activities in national and international markets to support local research and development.

ÉEQ has developed an action plan to resolve the challenge of plastics in curbside recycling in Quebec.

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