Initiatives for better curbside recycling services
that benefit us all

ÉEQ’s programs and initiatives are meant to be implemented at each phase in the service life of a recyclable material, from citizen action to the manufacturing of products made from recycled content.

For municipalities

Best Practices initiative for effective curbside recycling

Workshops to foster exchanges between municipalities in a same region, determine challenges and share successes

Discover the best practices
Best Practices initiative for effective curbside recycling

Away-from-Home Recovery program

Funding to support municipal organizations and provide recycling bins for their public spaces: a recycling bin for every trashcan!

Away-From-Home recovery program
Away-from-Home Recovery program

For recycling industry

Innovative Glass Works plan

<em>Innovative Glass Works plan</em>

Solution set out by ÉEQ to provide a second life for 100% of the glass containers that Québecers place in their recycling bins

Innovative Glass Works Plan

Plastics Solutions Forum

Plastics Solutions Forum

ÉEQ and Citeo presented the first forum dedicated to the innovation in the recycling of plastic packaging, in Paris, February 4 and 5, 2019.

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