ÉEQ collaborates with all stakeholders in the recycling industry to develop best practices and make every step more efficient and effective.

To optimize a system, it is important to first analyze every aspect. This is why ÉEQ works in close collaboration with all stakeholders in the recovery industry, putting its expertise to work for everyone to make each step in the process more efficient and effective. We rely on a rigorous approach based on analysis, meetings and field work to develop successful collaborations.

Recyclable materials value chain


Recyclable materials value chain

Recyclable materials move from phase to phase, from their use by companies to collection in bins and processing in sorting centres, conditioners and recyclers. ÉEQ is involved in every step in the loop, which integrates the recyclables into new packaging, printed matter and different products in keeping with the principles of the circular economy.

Second life of materials

The containers, packaging and printed matter that citizens place in their recycling bins may be transformed into a range of different products.