In Québec, the companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on the market must finance municipal curbside recycling services. ÉEQ is the private non-profit organization that represents them and collects the necessary sums to compensate the costs of these services. Since 2005, over $1 B was paid to municipalities.  

ÉEQ also fosters more efficient and effective materials recycling by collaborating with companies to develop ecoresponsible packaging options, as well as with municipalities, sorting centres, conditioners and recyclers. ÉEQ helps optimize the system and improve the amount and value of the materials that are recovered within the context of the circular economy.

About ÉEQ

How ÉEQ supports organizations

Municipalities manage residential and public recycling services while companies ensure the financing of these services and are responsible for the containers, packaging and printed matter they put on the Québec market, from their design to their recovery.

How ÉEQ supports consumers

ÉEQ raises awareness among consumers to encourage them to adopt sound recycling habits at home and in public places. ÉEQ also provides tools and tips to recognize and choose ecoresponsible packaging every day.

Did you know that ÉEQ also works in close collaboration with municipal organizations?

Because they manage curbside recycling services, municipalities play a critical role inits sound functioning. Through its different programs and initiatives, ÉEQ works in close collaboration with municipalities to ensure the recovery and quality of as many recyclable materials as possible.

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