Today, we recycle everywhere

At a picnic, in the park, on a shopping spree on a commercial street, at the bus stop, at the library, after a match at the arena or recreation centre: now Québecers can recycle in so many public places!

Since 2005, the companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on the Quebec market are responsible for financing the recovery of these recyclable materials. Over 3 400 organizations provide close to $150M annually to support the system.

These companies vary in size and operate in every activity sector. Together, they help finance the services that enable Québecers to recycle when they’re at home and when they’re out.

Top 5 most recovered products

Water bottles
Newspapers and other printed matter
Milk or juice containers
Coffee cups
Fast food containers

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A second life for recyclable materials

By putting the right materials in their recycling bins, citizens are helping to give them a second life.

Many everyday items are made from materials that go into recycling bins. The containers, packaging and printed matter that are collected, sorted and processed by a conditioner and a recycler. The recycled content is then used to produce other containers, packaging and printed matter and brand new products.

Cardboard makes new


  • cardboard boxes and packaging
  • kraft paper
  • building materials

Glass makes new


  • concrete cement materials
  • fiberglass insulation (mineral wool)
  • granular materials for water filtration
  • bottles and jars

Plastic makes new


  • bottles
  • tile drains
  • recycling bins
  • park benches
  • flower pots and boxes

Aluminium makes new


  • cans
  • building materials
  • car parts

Did you know that, as a consumer, your everyday purchases are an opportunity to be ecoresponsible?

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