Ecoresponsible packaging design

Designing ecoresponsible packaging can lead to a range of benefits for companies. In addition to reducing their environmental impacts and helping them to stand out from the competition, ecoresponsible packaging can also generate savings. ÉEQ provides training, tools and support to help companies rethink their packaging design for source reductions and better recyclability.

A few examples of ecoresponsible packaging

Sac-colis de commerce électronique

Groupe ALDO Inc.
Vêtements et chaussures


– Réduction de 17% des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

– Augmentation de 45% du taux de récupération de l’emballage.

– Diminution de 6% du ratio masse emballage/produit.

– Réduction de 6% de la quantité de matériaux utilisés.

Le cas Naya – ou comment embouteiller plus d’eau dans une même quantité de plastique

Groupe Naya


– Réduction de 16% des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

– Diminution de 17% du ratio masse emballage/produit.


Tools and services for companies

1 portal

A comprehensive site that explains all aspects of ecoresponsible packaging design, from life cycle analysis to case studies of initiatives led by organizations.

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On this page, you will find various resources to help you with the preliminary assessment of your packaging and the decision-making process regarding the best eco-design strategies for your project.

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ÉEQ provides tailored support for organizations seeking to undertake an ecoresponsible packaging design approach. Don’t wait, space is limited!

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« The packaging ecodesign approach for our La Parisienne bleach that was assessed using the OptimAction tool enabled us to quantify the environmental benefits of reducing the packaging’s mass and even led to logistical benefits for our retailers in terms of space savings. OptimAction also helped us measure our progress in packaging ecodesign and better communicate these advances to our customers.  »

Dominic D’Amours, Director, Quality, R&D, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainable Development, Lavo inc.