What's new in the 2021 Schedule of Contributions

This section provides news about the 2021 Schedule of Contributions (SoC), as published in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

Ecodesign incentive bonus

To support companies engaged in the ecodesign of packaging and to encourage others to follow their lead, ÉEQ has launched the ecodesign incentive bonus pilot project for containers and packaging.

To carry out the vision statement adopted by the Board and to transition to a fee structure more in line with the impact of the materials across the value chain, eco-modulation measures will be implemented over the next few years. The ecodesign incentive bonus is the first such measure to be taken.

Modernizing curbside recycling means that companies can play a pivotal role in the system and its management. Given their responsibility for the materials they place on the market from design to end-of-life management through recycling, companies will benefit from improving the environmental performance of their containers and packaging.


The objectives of the ecodesign incentive bonus project are as follows:

  • Recognize ecodesign initiatives for containers and packaging put on the market during the calendar year 2019 or 2020;
  • Document ecodesign strategies, challenges and solution leads;
  • Identify environmental gains, as well as positive social and economic benefits;
  • Communicate company initiatives that earn a bonus.

Details of the bonus
The bonus will account for 10% of the contribution payable for containers and packaging targeted by the ecodesign initiative. It will be awarded to companies which meet the eligibility criteria and whose initiatives meet the designated requirements. A company may submit a number of applications for up to a maximum cumulative bonus of $25,000.

The bonus amount will be determined based on the total quantity (in kilograms) of containers and packaging put on the market and reported during the applicable calendar year.

Eligible companies, whose application is approved by ÉEQ, will receive the bonus through a credit note issued in the year following the deadline for submitting their company report for the 2021 SoC. The credit will be applicable to their contribution balance for the 2022 SoC or for a subsequent year.

How to proceed
To learn more about the eligibility criteria or find the form to apply for the ecodesign incentive bonus, please click here.

Ceramics – A new material subject to a fee

In order to continue to support the vision statement on eco-modulation, which aims to transition to a fee structure that is more in line with the impact of the materials, fees will now be set for ceramic containers and packaging. Ceramics are considered disruptive in the value chain and will need to be reported by the companies that use it for the commercialization of their products.

This fee structure broadening is further to the inclusion in the 2018 Schedule of Contributions of short-life containers and packaging sold as products, and printed matter sold as products. This could lead to the introduction of other types of packaging, such as wood or textiles, in the future.

Company support

Éco Entreprises Québec provides support for contributing companies.

Registrants can contact Company Services for information and assistance with the reporting process.

One-on-one meetings are also possible.

Tools for companies


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