2019 Schedule of Contributions: What’s new

This section presents what’s new in the 2019 Schedule of Contributions, as published in la Gazette officielle du Québec.

New reporting and payment terms

Given that a majority of companies wait until the deadlines to submit their report and pay their contribution, the due dates had to be moved up in order to reduce organizational risks tied to the preparation of the Schedule and remittance of the compensation to RECYC-QUÉBEC.

After publication of the Schedule of Contributions, the terms for companies will be as follows:

  • 60 days to submit the report
  • 90 days to make the first instalment payment worth 80%
  • 150 days to make the second instalment payment

The previous terms were 90, 120 and 180 days, respectively. The reporting portal is available as of March 1st, which gives companies several months to enter their reporting data.

For details and important dates, please refer to the obligations deadlines calendar.

Easier access to the status of Voluntary Contributor

An amendment was also made to allow Voluntary Contributors to report the quantities of materials they put on the market in Québec in an amount proportional to the quantities generated. In the previous Schedules of Contributions, a company outside of Québec could not contribute voluntarily if it met the criteria for payment exemption. Exemption criteria for Voluntary Contributors have therefore been abolished in order to grant this status as of the 2019 Schedule of Contributions.

Thus, companies who do not have establishments in Québec, but who nevertheless wish to accept the responsibility of reporting materials they put on the market in Québec on behalf of their Québec customers, will be able to obtain the status of Voluntary Contributor more easily.

Find out more about how to become a Voluntary Contributor.

To see all the changes made to the Schedule and to find out more about our processes, please see the Summary of consultations on the 2019 Schedule of Contributions.

Éco Entreprises Québec offers assistance for contributing companies. The person in charge of reporting can contact ÉEQ’s Company services for information and assistance on their reporting process. Personalized meetings may also be arranged.

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