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After more than 15 years of work, extended producer responsibility (EPR) will become reality in just a few months. This modernization will be based on a vision: give producers full control over the curbside recycling system that they already fund, now with the tools needed to monitor and adjust how it is managed.

This new regulatory framework will offer currently unavailable opportunities under the present regulation:

  • become the primary instructing party and owner of materials
  • ensure traceability
  • control quality as well as local and regional recycling

All in all, it will offer the necessary leverage for companies and citizens to regain their trust in this long-standing service of over 30 years.

As with all other EPR program, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) will have to show RECYC-QUÉBEC the large support it has received from the companies it represents since 2005 to become the Designated Management Organization (DMO – the word for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Quebec).

Please fill out the short form below. By doing so, you demonstrate your support for our designation process with RECYC-QUÉBEC. You also show that you value our continued relationship to ensure we will represent you in your obligations and interests in the ongoing transformation.

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