2015 Schedule of Contributions: Status update

Companies and organizations should expect consultations on the 2015 Schedule of Contributions to take place in the spring of 2015. The Government of Quebec is currently carrying out a municipal residual materials characterization study. Results, expected next March, will be considered in the calculation of municipal net costs for the 2015 Schedule of Contributions. The study will provide data on the percentage of orphan materials, also known as “other materials,” placed in recycling bins, which determines the deduction applied to the financial compensation paid by industry under the 2015 Schedule. You will remember that, following ÉEQ representations with its industry partners, a 7.5% deduction for those materials was applied to the 2013 and 2014 Schedules of Contributions.

In the meantime, ÉEQ is continuing work on revising the fee formula with a view to making it as simple as possible and stabilizing rates according to material.

ÉEQ is also taking advantage of Schedule development postponements to update the 2013 activity-based costing (ABC) model in partnership with RECYC-QUÉBEC.

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