Bin Impact Campaign: The Importance of Properly Sorting at the Source

Launched on January 15, Éco Entreprises Québec is proud to present Bin Impact, its new citizen brand aimed at educating and informing the public on the importance of sorting materials at the source.

Only containers, packaging and printed matter should go to the recycling bin. Nothing else!

Embracing good recycling practices has a direct impact on the curbside recycling system as a whole. For example, it ensures the safety of employees and the efficiency of operations. Improving what goes in your recycling bin means becoming an active participant in the circular economy.

The Bin Impact campaign is currently available on a variety of platforms: TV, radio, social media and print.

The numbers speak for themselves

Results from a Léger survey—published alongside the campaign launch—show that 86% of the Quebec population believe they are sorting their recyclable materials correctly. However, nearly half (47%) incorrectly believe that plastic toys belong in the recycling bin. When in doubt, only 17% double check for recyclability before placing a material in the recycling bin.

These numbers confirm how relevant the Bin Impact campaign is and how important sorting practices at the source, in other words, the consumers, are.

By adopting best practices, residents play an essential role in recovering recyclable materials to help give them a second life.

Available now: the website for information on all the best recycling practices.