Driving the evolution of packaging in Quebec for 10 years

If packaging ecodesign has soared to such heights in Quebec, it’s surely in part thanks to Geneviève Dionne. As Director of Ecodesign and Circular Economy and member of Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) for 10 years, she helps companies rethink their packaging and implement best practices. Here’s an overview of her exceptional career path.

Right from the start, Geneviève’s role was to support organizations and raise awareness as they rethink their packaging and reduce their environmental impact – no small task in an industry where trends, innovations and visions are all intertwined.

In those days, even though ecodesign was still an unknown concept, she was already working to convince companies that it was the way to go. Today, things have changed radically, and her four-member team is constantly being called on. The environmental crisis, societal pressure and increasingly eco-conscious consumers are all pushing the business world to evolve. Always ahead of her time, Geneviève continues to prove, as she has done for the last 10 years, that she is truly “the woman for the job”, accompanying companies throughout this mission.

 A perfect-fit career

This work is a perfect fit for Geneviève. By combining her passion for art and science, the industrial designer influences companies every day. She gives them an impetus to reinvent and push the boundaries of packaging, while maintaining the integrity of its basic functions, such as protecting or preserving products.

Every year, Geneviève travels across Quebec to engage actors and create lasting business relationships. Together with her team, she will be launching a web portal dedicated exclusively to ecodesign so that designers, communicators and entrepreneurs can easily integrate environmental criteria in the design of their packaging.

In order to build a true circular economy for packaging, it is important to work on all levels of the cycle. That’s why ÉEQ is the only curbside recycling organization in Canada that offers ecodesign services. It’s also why Geneviève contributes to the development of recyclability guidelines along with her colleague, Normand Gadoury, Director of Market Development and Sorting Technologies.

She is motivated by learning and teamwork, and we are fortunate to have her ideas, total dedication and boundless creativity. It is a pleasure to support her in her mission to modernize curbside recycling and promote the establishment of the circular economy in Quebec.

In short, the future is bright for the packaging world. As trends, processes and societal contexts evolve at high speed, Geneviève’s expertise ensures that these innovations will include consideration for the environment and the perspective of a circular economy.

Thank you, Geneviève, for 10 years on the ÉEQ team!