Éco Entreprises Québec major partner in UQAM’s Projet Packplay


Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), the non-profit organization that represents 3,000 companies marketing containers, packaging and printed materials (CP&PM) in Quebec and for whom a major goal is to enhance curbside recycling and promote the optimization of CP&PM, today announced that it is associating with the Projet Packplay created by Professor Sylvain Allard of the School of Design at UQAM.

It has been 10 years since Professor Allard and the graphic design program created Packaging UQAM, to support research and innovation in packaging design based specifically on the consumer’s experience. This program propelled UQAM into the vanguard of the ecodesign universe thanks to the creation of new models of packaging and containers with a perspective of sustainable development. To mark this anniversary, Packaging UQAM invited eight other international design schools that include packaging design in their academic and research activities, to apply their best minds to the subject. The culmination of these reflections is to be an exhibition at the UQAM Centre de design in September of this year, as well as the publication of a book presenting the best works undertaken in the framework of this competition.

“The optimization of CP&PM, primarily achievable by the reduction at source and usage of recycled or recyclable materials has a positive effect on the performance of curbside collections, as well as providing economic benefits for businesses,” said Ms. Maryse Vermette, President and Chief Executive Officer of ÉEQ. “Because they finance the municipal curbside program, retailers, manufacturers and other businesses that generate CP&PM are interested in the ecodesign of their materials. Today these considerations have become inescapable and we are proud to contribute to innovation among the generation of tomorrow’s designers, by our association with this unique project.”

“For us, this association is most natural, considering the common values that we share,” explained Professor Allard, program leader and creator of the Packplay project. “This allows us to train a new generation of designers who will have the environment and optimization of the life cycle of packaging and containers at heart in the coming years.”

ÉEQ, whose primary mandate is to collect the contribution of businesses to pay for the municipal curbside program, decided to go above and beyond the legal obligations incumbent on it by promoting a voluntary approach for the optimization of CP&PM to industry.  Thus, the expertise amassed over the years recently was recognized within the framework of the Entreprises citoyennes competition sponsored by Novae, as the OptimEco.ca portal was awarded the Innovation prize. OptimEco.ca is a user-friendly and accessible support tool for companies seeking to adopt best practices in optimizing CP&PM. Unique for its kind in North America, OptimEco.ca offers support in the design of their containers, packaging and printed matter using a sustainable development approach that generates savings while reducing their environmental footprint. The site also includes the environmental communication tool OptimAction which allows a business to promote its course of action with its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The very inspiring packaging examples of Metro, Biscuits Leclerc and Naya are highlighted in the portal.

Regarding Éco Entreprises Québec

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is responsible for developing the Schedule of Contributions and collecting the contributions from companies, which are redistributed to fund Quebec’s municipal curbside recycling services. ÉEQ also encourages innovation and the sharing of best practices to optimize the value chain of recyclable materials. To this end, ÉEQ works with businesses to both reduce the amount at source and promote the use of recyclable materials. In addition, the organization collaborates with municipalities and other stakeholders to increase recycling and the economic value of salvaged materials. ÉEQ, a private non-profit organization created by companies that market containers, packaging and printed matter in Quebec, has been accredited by RECYC-QUÉBEC under the Environment Quality Act since 2005.

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