ÉEQ participated in the City of Montréal consultation on the ban on shopping bags

On June 3, 2015, ÉEQ took part in a public consultation on the issues and impacts of banning single-use shopping bags. Similarly to, ÉEQ presented a submission, as did several recycling industry partners and business associations, to the Commission sur l’eau, l’environnement, le développement durable et les grands parcs, who held the consultations. The issue is highly complex and should be studied from all angles. ÉEQ’s submission highlights the success of voluntary action resulting from the implementation of the 2008 Voluntary Code of Best Practices for the Use of Shopping Bags and reiterates the convincing results of taking a mobilizing and voluntary approach with retailers and partners. The adoption of the Code resulted in Quebecers consuming 52% fewer single-use shopping bags between 2007 and 2012, which is two years earlier than targeted.

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