ÉEQ takes part in a comparative study on the effectiveness of the deposit vs. curbside recycling systems

On March 27, 2014, Éco Entreprises Québec and bacs+ met with researchers from CREATE (Centre de Recherche en économie de l’Environnement, de l’Agroalimentaire, des Transports et de l’Énergie) regarding a comparative study on the effectiveness of deposit vs. the curbside recycling systems relating to the recovery of drink containers. To support CREATE’s work, ÉEQ and bacs+ presented a set of data and rigorous studies developed with the help of KPMG-SECOR. The data demonstrates the potential and effectiveness of the curbside recycling system once necessary investments are made to enhance this means of recovery.

CREATE was assigned the mandate by the government as part of Quebec’s Residual Materials Management Policy. ÉEQ is actively involved in this extremely important issue. CREATE’s report is expected to be submitted to the government by the end of 2014. We will keep you informed of the progress.