Employee portrait: Katlyn Dubé

Using teamwork as a means to change the workings of the recycling system is what motivates Katlyn, Senior Advisor, Modernization of Curbside Recycling at ÉEQ. Following her work with a large company and at the head of an RCM’s waste management services, Katlyn made the leap and joined our team to boost the recycling stream alongside colleagues she describes as dynamic and engaged. 

Modernization is at the heart of Katlyn’s day-to-day work, which presents itself in a variety of major projects requiring an expertise she has acquired over the years. Studies in municipal inspection, environment and urbanism have made her well-equipped for her current role. 

With an accrued interest in revising quotes and contracts paired with her understanding of field reality, she has become a valued member of the team. This team is one that sets the stage for the years to come in terms of curbside recycling in Quebec. She collaborates with different stakeholders to boost everyone’s support for this joint project. Project management, public relations, research, and information processing and synthesizing serve to spice up her days.  

Katlyn’s hybrid profile when it comes to her experience with the private and public sector along with her unique journey make her a colleague that understands the underlying features of the value chain in its entirety. Her experience as an outreach agent and her participation in implementing the roll-out recycling bins in 2005 prove that a career in the environmental field, more specifically in waste management, was meant for her. Today, she considers herself privileged to be able to promote progress in a field she is passionate about.  

Taking care of her loved ones is also a big part of her everyday life. At the end of a day’s work, Katlyn enjoys spending time with family. Being in nature and making the most of every moment she spends with her loved ones is essential to her.  

Finally, Katlyn would like to remind those who are interested in an environmental career that it requires patience and perseverance. After all, we’re working in a field of behavioural changes! There is so much to look forward to for the upcoming years in an interesting, stimulating and most of all multidisciplinary setting. 

Katlyn Dubé