Employee Portrait: Martin Leblond-Létourneau

Lover of numbers and complex economic scenarios, Martin Leblond-Létourneau plays an essential role at Éco Entreprises Québec. Bolstered by his graduate studies in economics at UQAM, he manages a variety of components for the Schedule of Contributions with gusto. Data, studies and scenarios are all part of his daily routine.  

Though he works on the Schedule of Contributions as a yearly flagship project, Martin supports his colleagues across several other fields: business intelligence, reports, municipal contracts, ecodesign bonus, and much more. His days, peppered with Excel spread sheets and projections, give the team time to predict and prepare for any eventuality. 

A master of databases and an eternal student, Martin perfects his knowledge by keeping up with his studies. He makes use of his multidisciplinarity every day, whether it be in his work sessions with consultants, to write up impactful reports or in his implications with the modernization of curbside recycling working groups. 

Why does Martin choose to juggle numbers with us? Environmental issues are a cause particularly dear to him. Minimalism is at the heart of his actions, and he also reduces his GHGs, lives in balance with nature and even advocates himself as a fervent environmentalist. He still has a hard time believing his work has any sort of impact across the province, so keep our national Martin in mind the next time you use your recycling bin. 

No matter what project Martin gets the chance to work on, his positive attitude and deadpan humour never fail to bring a smile to his colleagues’ faces! Do you want to follow in his footsteps?  Martin recommends being pragmatic when choosing a field of study and always wanting to learn more in your area of expertise: knowledge evolves quickly, and it’s important to not lose interest!