Employee portrait: Mathieu Sérandour

He is one of the voices for our company services, he develops solutions geared towards improving our company processes and he helps colleagues resolve complex cases. This month, we present you the one who calls himself a “centre player”, Mathieu Sérandour, agent-advisor at ÉEQ.

With a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from UQAM, and a short graduate program in management of social innovations at HEC Montréal, Mathieu was by no means predestined to become the one the company services team turns to for a “custom-made” assistance for companies who report their containers and packaging at ÉEQ—with the exception of a keen interest and strong pedagogy and research skills.

In fact, the one who was prepared for an academic career found at ÉEQ concrete and fertile ground for data research on contributing companies – sometimes even by watching clips from the show Dans l’œil du dragon! – information analysis and the development of tailored solutions. He also makes use of his ability to make complex information accessible when assisting companies.

“ÉEQ’s customer service philosophy is to always opt for quality over quantity. It isn’t rare for us to spend 30 or 40 minutes on the phone with a company’s representative to make sure they fully understand their responsibilities and the report’s context,” he explains.

In order to accompany reluctant or even uncooperative companies in their reporting process, Mathieu emphasizes that interpersonal skills and a healthy dose of empathy are essential qualities for his job. “We have to put ourselves in the company’s shoes. They view conformity as a burden, and we have to make their experience as seamless as possible. When someone who is initially reluctant understands their obligations and ends the call by thanking you for speaking with them, it’s really gratifying,” says Mathieu.

Since his expertise is at the moment mostly leveraged to improving the company services’ approaches – for example, developing a brand-new reporting portal (CRM) – Mathieu now feels a sense of accomplishment when he finishes a procedure or a major project. From all your colleagues: thank you for using your creativity and ingenuity for the benefit of the organization!


Mathieu Sérandour