Consultations on the 2024 Schedule of Contributions and New Policies Relating to the Membership Contract

Date: Tuesday October 31, 2023
Time: 01:30 pm to 03:00 pm

On Tuesday, October 31st, join the consultations on the 2024 Schedule of Contributions in order to be informed of all changes that may impact your next annual contribution. 

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Producers that put on the market containers, packaging and printed matter in Quebec are cordially invited to participate in the consultation and voice their comments. These will be shared with the board of directors of Éco Entreprises Québec ahead of the adoption of the next Schedule of Contributions.

ÉEQ will use this opportunity to consult also on the new policies relating to the membership contract and general conditions introduced as part of the modernization of curbside recycling and extended producer responsibility (EPR).

*Please note that the event will be recorded and made available after the event in the Fee Structure section of the website.