Maryse Vermette: 15 years at the helm of Éco Entreprises Québec

A career-long dedication to curbside recycling

A true pioneer and an authority in the recycling industry, Maryse Vermette is a visionary with an unwavering dedication to making Quebec’s curbside recycling a unique and inspiring model throughout the world.

Over the course of her career, she has held many leadership positions in both public and private organizations in Quebec and has successfully guided the advancement of this industry that drives the circular economy. As an active participant in her milieu, she sat on the boards of several socio-economic organizations, as well as on three Committees of Ministers on recovery and recycling.

As a sought-after speaker for conferences both nationally and internationally, she contributes to showcasing Quebec’s expertise in packaging ecodesign, secondary materials recycling and the optimization of the curbside recycling value chain.

Her fifteenth year with our organization also saw the milestone that was the announcement of the modernization of Quebec’s curbside recycling system. She has worked on this endeavour for over 10 years, and its implementation is key for the sustainability and efficiency of the system.

Her contribution to our industry is indelible, and we wish her well-deserved success with this promising project, which, in large measure, emanates from her vision!