Notice: Payment due dates for the 2020 and 2021 Schedules of Contributions

2020 Schedule of Contributions 

The 2020 Schedule was published in the Gazette officielle du Québec on December 16, 2020, officially launching the 60-day reporting periodAs the February 16, 2021 reporting deadline has already passedhere are the revised payment due dates for the 2020 Schedule: 

  • 1st installment (80%) and fixed rateMarch 172021 
  • 2nd installment (20%)May 172021 

If you have not yet filed your reportplease do so at your earliest convenience on ÉCO-D. 


2021 Schedule of Contributions 

The 2021 Schedule was recommended by RECYC-QUÉBEC’s Board of Directors on February 18 and has been submitted to the Government of Quebec for approval 

The payment due dates for the 2021 Schedule is tentative, pending the Schedule’s publicationIf it is published mid-July, here are the tentative payment due dates 

  •  1st installment (80%) and fixed rateMid-October 
  • 2nd installment (20%): May 17, 2021Mid-December 


Please see the detailed timeline in the graph above.