New company reporting portal

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is proud to announce the launch of a new reporting portal for contributing companies. This new portal, developed to better meet your needs, gives users greater autonomy and flexibility so that ÉEQ can adapt to the constant evolution of regulations on curbside recycling.

Not only does this new portal replace Eco-D, which was given a well-deserved retirement on April 29, but it also offers several advantages:

  • Optimized navigation
  • User-friendly and up-to-date configuration
  • Enhanced customer experience and more autonomy given to companies

To facilitate the work of companies, tooltips have been added throughout the process to explain specific terms and concepts related to the reporting process. A range of new options has also been created to simplify the process: 

  • Managing registered contacts directly in the portal
  • Autonomy in user account creation and password recovery
  • Access to statements of account and invoices
  • Unlocking reports
  • All materials to be reported in a single table, including those sold as products
  • A single access code to access all company files for which a user acts as the contact

A toolbox is also available to registrants to support them in the reporting process.

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