Partnerships with Éco Entreprises Québec: A New Era for Curbside Recycling Soon Underway in Lanaudière

Montréal, March 20, 2024 – Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is proud to announce its partnerships signed in Lanaudière. In accordance with the extended producer responsibility (EPR) principle, ÉEQ is responsible for planning, supervising and financing the curbside recycling system. Over the past few weeks, the L’Assomption and D’Autray Regional County Municipalities have signed agreements, thus formalizing ÉEQ’s role in the management of recyclable materials.

The excellent collaboration of Lanaudière’s elected officials will ensure the optimization of the curbside recycling ecosystem by introducing streamlined operations and improving logistical efficiency, while maintaining a citizen-centered approach. In addition, the implementation of EPR by ÉEQ will allow all Quebecers to recycle the same materials by using the blue bins, regardless of where they are in the province. As the producer responsibility organization (PRO) for curbside recycling, ÉEQ will now be accountable for the system’s performance in Quebec.

For ÉEQ, these new partnership agreements are the latest in a series of more than 70 agreements signed with municipal organizations (MOs) in recent weeks, representing over 70% of the population in Quebec.


  • Effective January 1, 2025, ÉEQ will assume all the costs of collecting and transporting containers, packaging and printed matter collected by means of curbside recycling throughout Quebec;
  • As a result, there will be only one list of recyclable materials in Quebec, regardless of the region or municipality;
  • ÉEQ will compensate the signatory MOs for the associated management fees and the costs of public information services;
  • The partnership agreements have been customized to take into account the particularities of curbside recycling services in the targeted MOs in Lanaudière;
  • The terms of the partnership agreements with the MOs in Lanaudière are mainly intended to:

    -State the respective responsibilities of each party;

    -Oversee the implementation of curbside recycling services;

    -Establish a list of materials accepted in recycling bins;

    -Set the parameters for reimbursement and compensation by ÉEQ.

  • This agreement is in addition to those recently signed with many cities and municipal organizations in compliance with the Regulation respecting a system of selective collection for certain residual materials and other regulatory provisions;

  • The agreements announced today cover curbside recycling services for 177,393 Lanaudière residents;

  • To date, ÉEQ has reached agreements with municipal organizations representing nearly 700 municipalities and 6 million Quebecers.


“These partnerships mark an important turning point in the implementation of EPR-based curbside recycling in Lanaudière. Our vision for the management of recyclable materials is evolving and modernization will achieve significant optimization of the collection system. In brief, everyone wins.”

Maryse Vermette, President and CEO of Éco Entreprises Québec.

About Éco Entreprises Québec

Since 2005, Éco Entreprises Québec, a private, non-profit organization, has been representing producers who market packaging, containers and printed matter in their responsibility to finance curbside recycling. Appointed as a producer responsibility organization (PRO) in 2022, ÉEQ is in charge of managing curbside recycling in Québec from a sustainable development perspective.

As the leader in extended producer responsibility (EPR), ÉEQ develops, manages and advises its producer members on circular economy solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. To achieve this, ÉEQ places ecodesign, recyclability and traceability at the heart of its actions with its partners. ÉEQ will continue to fulfill its role as a PRO during the transition from the compensation plan to EPR curbside recycling.

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