Recycled glass, a superior insulation material for our roads

In the Gaspé region, the city of Chandler showed that using glass in road infrastructures reduces buckling.

The case study, carried out by École de technologie supérieure as part of the Innovative Glass Works plan in collaboration with Éco Entreprises Québec, the Régie intermunicipale de traitement des matières résiduelles de la Gaspésie and the city of Chandler, revealed that recycled glass has a superior insulating value when used in road infrastructures.

By using recycled glass rather than traditional quarry materials, the ground is less exposed to temperature variations and to the negative impacts thereof.

Given the climate fluctuations we have in Québec, recycled glass is an excellent solution to reduce road buckling, particularly for regions located far from large glass recycling and packing plants.

Documentation (PDF files)