Tips and tricks for eco-responsible vacation

For many Quebecers, summer vacation is here and it’s a great opportunity to recover… in every sense of the word!

Whether you’re going camping, hiking or to the beach during your holidays, ÉEQ’s got a couple tips to help you maintain good responsible consuming habits.

Summer’s no time to waste!

Because holidays mean coolers and outdoor dining, packaging choices are essential to avoid food waste. If you plan on leaving for a long trip, try vacuum packaging to preserve food longer.

Resealable bags are also a smart solution to avoid messes and waste! Nothing ruins your relaxation efforts than to find your picnic sopping wet because of leaked milk…

Passionate about reusing… passionate!

Throughout the day, your water bottle is your best friend. Not only does it help you stay hydrated, but you can refill it and avoid buying a single-use product!

When camping, reusable dishes are also a must-have. Forget eating three times a day in disposable dishes. Use the dishes, wash ’em, reuse ’em. We promise, your hot dogs and hamburgers will taste even better!

Single-use plastic film?… Forget it. For your outdoord actvivities, do make sure to bring reusable containers. Snacks and lunches can be carried easily and generate a lot lest waste.

In Québec, recovery is everywhere!

Since 2008, thanks to the Programme de récupération hors foyer, over 20,000 pieces of equipment help Quebecers recover their containers, packaging and printed matter in public spaces. This means that from Montérégie to Gaspésie and the Bas-Saint-Laurent, recovery is accessible and efficient!

Look for bins around your vacation spot and deposit your recyclables so they can be given a new life. An important gesture that helps cut CO2 emissions by 2,430 tonnes per year[1].

ÉEQ wishes you wonderful a sunny holiday!
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