Éco Entreprises Québec launches its new brand image and an advertising campaign

3,400 thanks!

Today, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), the private non-profit organization that represents the companies that place containers, packaging and printed matter on the market in Québec in their responsibility to fund local recovery, is launching a new logo and advertising platform.

A modern image with circular economy in mind

ÉEQ is proud to unveil its new brand image. “We have adopted a brand image that reflects who we are today. An open dialogue bubble whose curved lines symbolize the circular economy, our new logo has the contributing companies at its centre since they remain our core priority,” said Maryse Vermette, president and chief executive officer, ÉEQ.

To the left, the new slogan, Recycling is our business, recalls ÉEQ’s mission.

View an animation of ÉEQ’s new brand image. (in French) 

3,400 companies funding curbside recycling in Québec 

“It is still not widely known but companies contribute annually nearly $150 million to fund Québec’s municipal curbside recycling services, which helped to avoid about 2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. We wanted these organizations and their activity sectors to be at the heart of our Merci campaign. In the retail, restaurant, durable goods and services sectors, the companies we represent help drive the circular economy of recyclable materials,” affirmed Virginie Bussières, director of Communications and Public Affairs, Éco Entreprises Québec.

The campaign will be on the air on the major networks and several speciality channels. In addition, the multiplatform campaign, which includes several components to better reach its broad clienteles, will be featured on social media, online and in a number of newspapers.

ÉEQ’s new campaign: watch the 10-second spot at eeq.ca/thanks!