5 things you should never place in the recycling bin when you move!

Moving day is just around the corner, and Éco Entreprises Québec wants to help you sort your recyclables the right way. Follow our tips and you’ll be a #BlueBinPro in no time!

Corrugated cardboard boxes, not flattened or cut up

If you use cardboard boxes for your move, please make sure you take them apart and/or flatten them before placing them in the bin. This important gesture will facilitate transportation and sorting.


Hair spray, whipped cream in a can, deodorant sprays… No matter what you find when you clean out the place, never place aerosol cans in the recycling bin. This can be very hazardous to collection truck workers and sorting facility personnel.


Although many are made of plastic, toys should not be placed in recycling bins! Please consider giving them to a re-employment organization!


That’s right, we’re mentioning it… cause we’ve seen it! Even if you live in a building with a very large recycling bin, mattresses should never – ever – be placed with recyclables. The eco-centre is the best place to dispose of mattresses. 

Paper towels soiled with cleaning products

Although reusable cleaning cloths are always the best choice, paper towels are very popular, especially around moving day. After you clean up, please place those in the garbage. Paper towels are not accepted by curbside recycling programs.

On the big day, don’t hesitate to check out RECYC-QUÉBEC’s search tool called Ça va où? (French for “where does it go?”). And be sure to follow us on Facebook for plenty of other tips and tricks on recovery and recycling! J