A new organizational model to handle the challenges of modernizing the curbside recycling system

For several months now, Éco Entreprises Québec has been making changes, and is adapting its organizational model ahead of the transition to the modernized curbside recycling system.

The Board of directors has recently approved the implementation of the new model, which led to the creation of a dedicated Transition Office for the modernization of the curbside recycling system in order to better respond to emerging needs and roles and to cooperate as efficiently as possible with its internal and external partners. 

The model, which applies a matrix approach to the management of the organization’s activities, will allow for efficient management of work pertaining to the curbside recycling modernization project, while ensuring that ÉEQ’s day-to-day activities are maintained in regards to companies’ financial responsibilities towards the Compensation plan. 

We are very pleased to announce that the vice-presidency of the Transition Office will be headed up by Marie Julie Bégin, who will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Office’s activities throughout the transition. The Office also includes a new senior management team for the modernization of curbside recycling and the fee structure, which will be headed by Mathieu Guillemette. Moreover, eco-modulation of the Schedule of Contributions will be an important function within this new management team.

The EPR-Partnership (extended producer responsibility) implementation is due to span five (5) years (2020 to 2025). ÉEQ’s new organizational structure model targets the following phases:

  • Diagnostic phase of the modernization of curbside recycling (2020-2021)
  • Transition phase of the modernization (2021-2024)

Other important changes will take place with the creation of a new vice-presidency of financial management and organizational performance to be headed by Hugo Lapointe, who will handle financial responsibility matters related to contributing companies, and a new legal affairs department, which will be headed by Me Joëlle R. Chiasson.