A spring filled with discussions and knowledge-sharing for ÉEQ experts

This spring, several members of the ÉEQ team had a number of opportunities to share their expertise as speakers, hosts or panelists during conferences and webinars involving initiatives and issues related to the recycling and waste recovery industry.

Virtual conference hosted by ADGMRCQ

First, last April 29th, Mathieu Guillemette, Senior Director, Modernization of Curbside Recycling and Schedule of Contributions and Mylène Fugère, Senior Advisor, Modernization of Curbside Recycling were speakers at the virtual springtime conference hosted by the Association des directeurs généraux des MRC du Québec (ADGMRCQ). Their presentation focused on a common issue for RMCs and municipalities: contaminated recycling bins. Oftentimes, recycling bins are used to dispose of all sorts of incompatible materials. The two ÉEQ experts touched on the operational, economic, and environmental impacts from this type of contamination.

Presentation of the biodegradable and compostable packaging report

On May 20th, during a webinar organised in partnership with Philippe Cantin, Senior Director, Sustainability Innovation and Circular Economy at the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), Geneviève Dionne, Director, Ecodesign and Circular Economy at ÉEQ and Mario Patenaude, Advisor, Ecodesign and Circular Economy presented the RCC members with the highlights from the report on the state of biodegradable and compostable packaging in Quebec drafted jointly by ÉEQ and Solinov, a consulting firm specialized in the management of organic waste. The report focuses on the issue concerning the end-of-life management of so-called biodegradable and compostable packaging, otherwise known as packaging that is, often mistakenly, perceived by the consumer as the solution to plastic pollutions. Following the webinar, 65% of participants stated having gained a better understanding of the issues surrounding this type of packaging and their impact on the environment. They also asked several questions on the subject, which was visibly cause for reflection.

Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec Conference

On May 28th, the Association des directeurs généraux des municipalités du Québec (ADGMQ)’s Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec Conference invited Mathieu Guillemette to speak with them about the ongoing modernization of curbside recycling. The conference’s general managers asked numerous questions concerning the coming changes for municipalities in Quebec in regard to this major change based on an approach of extended producer responsibility.

Fight against plastic pollution

On June 8th, during Ocean Week, Geneviève Dionne was invited to the conference lunch L’entreprenariat pour lutter la pollution plastique as a panelist. Lead by Anne-Marie Asselin, Co-Founder of l’Organisation Bleue and marine biologist, this virtual discussion broadcasted live on Facebook also welcomed as a panelist Rachel Labbé Bellas, Founder and CEO of O’land. The two speakers talked about their experience in the fight against plastic pollution.

ADGMQ virtual congress

On June 10th, Mathieu Guillemette attended the Congrès virtuel de l’ADGMQ where he presented to the general managers of the municipalities of Quebec with the highlights from the report on biodegradable and compostable packaging published by ÉEQ and Solinov. During this congress, ÉEQ also received the Prix Partenaire de l’Association, an award given every two years to an organization that contributes to strengthening the ADGMQ activities through its involvement.

Webinar on the modernization of curbside recycling

On June 15th, ÉEQ organized and hosted two webinars (one in French and one in English) for contributing companies on the modernization of curbside recycling project in Quebec. During the event, more than 140 company representatives joined Maryse Vermette, CEO of ÉEQ, Marie Julie Bégin, Vice-President, Transition Office for the Modernization of Curbside Recycling and Mathieu Guillemette.

Webinar on ecodesign

On June 17th, Geneviève Dionne from ÉEQ and Anne-Laure Bulliffon from Profil’Pack hosted a second webinar in collaboration with the RCC to this time focus on packaging ecodesign. Over a hundred company representatives were present to further learn about the efficiency of the packaging, the different steps in ecodesign and the best practices for its suppliers. This practical presentation was appreciated by the participants, who said they were greatly interested in learning more about the subject and in undertaking such an approach.

Hop! Annual Summit

On June 22nd, for the #HOP21 organized by the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), Geneviève Dionne lead a panel including the Groupe Amiel and DeSerres as participants and focusing on sustainable development and ecoresponsible practices in businesses. Held online for the first time, the annual Summit Hop! stretched over three months this year and based itself on the relaunch of the retail sector in Quebec.