Consignment of Glass Containers: A comprehensive report on the Innovative Glass Works plan will enable parties to make an informed decision

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is calling on the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) and on the Government of Québec to defer formulating their respective positions regarding the consignment of glass containers, particularly wine bottles, until after they have received all pertinent information to that effect.

“By the end of February, ÉEQ will produce a comprehensive report on its Innovative Glass Works plan. The report will present conclusions for the five pilot projects carried out in sorting centres as well as trade opportunities for glass. Additionally, we will publish 18 specific recommendations, as well as a deployment and financing strategy. We are aware that the CMM and Québec Government favour an efficient global approach that will yield the best possible environmental benefits. We are available to meet with elected officials from the CMM’s Environment Committee and present our results, so that they may see for themselves the pertinence of the solution we are putting forth,” said the ÉEQ’s CEO, Ms. Maryse Vermette.

Glass recovery is a complex issue. Thanks to investments from the Innovative Glass Works plan and associated pilot projects, ÉEQ is convinced that it has identified THE solution to problems linked to the recycling of recovered glass.

It should be noted that, in 2016, ÉEQ launched and financed the Innovative Glass Works plan, which includes two major components, i.e. identifying the best processing technologies and support measures for research into innovative opportunities regarding glass from curbside recycling. The goal of this initiative is to make 100% of glass placed in recycling bins recyclable, and current results reveal that the glass from these sorting centres has unparalleled purity.

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