Innovative Glass Works plan :
the solution to recycle 100% of the glass collected
through curbside recycling

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The Innovative Glass Works plan aims to modernize Quebec sorting centres, and to support the growth of markets, so we can recycle 100% of the glass recovered in Quebec.

Exceptional results:
a secure future for recycled glass

After two years of work by teams of technical experts in five sorting centres, ÉEQ has issued a highly positive report on the future of recycling in Quebec.

We have developed a solution to recycle 100% of the glass Quebecers put in their recycling bins.


An unparalleled rate of purity, thanks to the best sorting equipment available on the market.


All Quebec sorting centres must now be equipped with modern glass processing systems.

The glass from the pilot projects has a second life thanks to the development of local markets.

It’s time to implement the Innovative Glass Works plan in Quebec’s 22 sorting centres and make the province North America’s glass recycling leader!

Discover the milestones in the Innovative Glass Works plan


70% : Purity rate of the glass coming out of sorting centres in 2015.

The rate did not meet the needs of Québec recyclers.

Éco Entreprises Québec was convinced of one thing: recycled glass is a treasure with tremendous potential.

Once sorted and cleaned, the glass is transformed into a range of value-added ecomaterials.

We chose to take up the challenge: find a solution for 100% of the glass containers people in Quebec place in their recycling bins.


Provide sorting centres with new shockwave implosion equipment to generate recycled glass of higher quality.

Support the commercialization of ecomaterials made from
recycled glass.

Develop new markets.

In practice

After 15 months of experimentation, from September 2017 to December 2018, the Innovative Glass Works plan led to:

5sorting centres
that tested the solution:

3showcase projects, to assess the potential of the ecomaterials made from the recycled glass:


It’s time to modernize sorting centre equipment by implementing the solution in the Innovative Glass Works plan.

Be part of the solution

Find out how you can be part of the solution to recycle 100% of the glass collected through curbside recycling in Québec.


Integrate recycled glass into your municipal infrastructure.

Abrasives: blast technologies to clean surfaces.

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Cement additives: in the place of part of the cement in municipal infrastructure.

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Pool filtration: in the place of sand in filter systems.

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Municipal water filtration: in the place of sand in wastewater treatment systems.

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46% of the glass in the recycling bin
now recycled

Good news: 46% of the glass collected from curbside recycling, hence the Quebecers’ recycling bin, would now be recycled, according to preliminary data from Recyc-Québec, and this compared to about 20% in 2015, an increase of 140%.