Employee portrait: Josée Caty

A keen eye for detail, organization, readiness, and precision are just a few of the skills that allow Josée to shine as a CEO assistant at ÉEQ. Did you know that behind the woman of action that is Maryse Vermette, there is someone who holds the success of the modernization of curbside recycling project to heart?

Nearing her second year with the organization, Josée loves to work behind the scenes for people who do things differently. Following her experience working for large companies, she now finds her place with an non-profit organization where time flies by. For Josée, not one day is the same: organizing our busy CEO’s agenda is no easy feat!

While her strengths lay in prioritizing activities and anticipating potential pitfalls, Josée also excels in handling the logistics of the various meetings she has to prepare. Though she is passionate about a variety of projects at ÉEQ, work related to the Board of directors remains her favourite task.

Josée is no stranger to adapting. She changes direction quickly and welcomes change with grace. There’s no shortage of things to do by her side. Her colleagues appreciate her adaptability as much as her ability to keep her cool and remain focused when joining the whole team towards a single goal: ensuring an efficient and effective transition towards extended producer responsibility.

When she’s not at the forefront of modernization, the natural-born leader and mother of a 16-year-old daughter likes to unwind by reading the latest James Patterson crime novel, taking long walks with her adorable goldendoodle or spending time with her loved ones.

Organizing teams and having them pursue an inspiring mission, that’s what Josée carries out at ÉEQ. Looking to follow in her footsteps? Being flexible, unafraid to dive in head-first and most of all, developing a strong bond with the head of the organization are her key assets.