Léger-ÉEQ Survey: 94% of Quebecers support investments towards providing a second life to glass from curbside recycling

Today, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) announced the results of a survey* conducted by the Léger firm on the recycling habits of Quebecers regarding glass. An awareness operation will be launched over social media in collaboration with sorting centres taking part in the Innovative Glass Works plan based on the survey’s results.

“We are proud to see that citizens care about providing a second life for glass recovered via curbside recycling because their participation is key, which is why we want to take it even further with this awareness operation”, said Maryse Vermette, President and Chief Executive Officer of ÉEQ. “As the organization representing the companies that finance municipal curbside recycling services, Éco Entreprises Québec has invested over 10 million dollars in the Innovative Glass Works plan. The plan aims to upgrade sorting centre equipment in order to produce high-quality glass and develop recycled glass markets with a view to circular economy”, Ms. Vermette stated.

Myths and facts about glass recycling

The survey’s results show that some confusion remains as to what goes in the bin or not, according to Quebecers. Regarding good recycling habits, almost all respondents answered they would not dispose of syringes (96%) or lightbulbs (86%). However, recycling bins still contain too many inappropriate objects, which impedes the glass recycling process. For example, 60% of Quebecers believe that glass dishes go in the bin, and close to half believe that window glass (45%), Pyrex-type glassware (46%) and crystal glassware (38%) go in it too, whereas none of those objects should ever end up in recycling bins.

The recycling bin is meant to contain only paper containers, packaging and printed materials, as well as cardboard, glass, metal and plastic.

The first glass recovery awareness operation to be conducted via social media

Using the survey’s results, an awareness operation will be conducted in collaboration with the five sorting centres participating in the Innovative Glass Works plan: EBI Environnement (Joliette), Récupération Frontenac (Thetford Mines), Régie intermunicipale de traitement des matières résiduelles de la Gaspésie (Grande-Rivière),  Société VIA  (Québec) and Tricentris (Terrebonne). The operation, which will be launched this week on social media, showcases myths and facts about glass recycling. It will help to clarify what belongs in consumers’ recycling bins and what doesn’t.

* The online survey was conducted from April 16 to 24, 2018, among 1,859 Quebecers aged 18 years or older responding in French or English.

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