The 2020 Schedule of Contributions is in force!

 The official reporting period for 2020 has officially begun

We hereby inform you that the 2020Schedule of Contributions was published in the Gazette officielle du Québecon December 16officially launching the 60-day reporting period. 
The deadline to fill out your report is February 16, 2021.

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What’s new in the 2020 Schedule of Contributions 

Several new requirements will enter into force for the 2020 Schedule of Contributions. 
Going forward, low-volume producers will be invited to specify the two types of materials they generate the most on the market in a new page of the reporting platform 

As for HDPE containers of less than 5L, going forward, they will have to be reported under the “HDPE Bottles” class rather than “Other plastics, polymers and polyurethane”, as was the case previously. This is a significant reduction in rates, so please make sure you classify them accurately, if applicable!  

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Tools to facilitate the reporting process 

Last year, ÉEQ overhauled the For Companies section on its website in order to optimize the reporting process. We invite you to have a look at the various tools available to facilitate your reporting process. 


Payment due dates 

1stinstalment 80%: March 17, 2021 
2ndinstalment 20%: May 172021 

The contribution for the 2020 Schedule of Contributions is payable in two instalments (one single instalment for flat fees). 

Preliminary Report 

For companies who have already entered their data in the ECO-D preliminary reporting portalplease note that it will be carried over to the official reportTo fulfill your legal obligation, therefore, all you will need to do is validate the data for each screen and submit the official report in order to receive your contribution invoice(s).

Available Assistance  

ÉEQ can assist you in your reporting process. Do not hesitate to contact our Company Services to avail yourself of this free service

Company Services 
Telephone: 514 987-1700 
Toll-free (Canada): 1 877 987-1491