The 2021 Schedule of Contributions is in force!

The official reporting period for 2021 has officially begun

We hereby inform you that the 2021 Schedule of Contributions (SoC) was published in the Gazette officielle du Québec on June 30, officially launching the 60-day reporting period.

The deadline to fill out your report is August 30, 2021.

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What’s new in the 2020 Schedule of Contributions

A few new requirements will enter into force for the 2021 SoC.

Ecodesign incentive bonus: Your packaging ecodesign efforts could help you get a credit on your contribution! The ecodesign incentive bonus pilot project aims to further the 2021 SoC through eco-modulation measures. All details here.

Ceramic: In order to continue to support the vision statement on eco-modulation, which aims to transition to a fee structure that is more in line with the impact of the materials, fees will now be set for ceramic containers and packaging. Ceramics are considered disruptive in the value chain and will need to be reported by the companies that use it for the commercialization of their products.                                                                                                                       

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Tools to facilitate the reporting process

In the ‘’For Companies’’ section of ÉEQ’s website, you fill find different tools to facilitate your reporting process. 

Payment due dates

1st instalment 80%:  September 30, 2021 
2nd instalment 20%:  November 30, 2021 

T​he contribution for the 2021 SoC is payable in two instalments (one single instalment for flat fees). 

Available Assistance

ÉEQ can assist you in your reporting process. Do not hesitate to contact our Company Services to avail yourself of this free service. 

Company Services 
Telephone: 514 987-1700 
Toll-free (Canada): 1 877 987-1491