Éco Entreprises Québec: Ready for the Implementation of the Modernization of Curbside Recycling

The Producer Responsibility Organization Announces a Major Organizational Transformation

Montreal, April 4, 2024 — Approximately 9 months before the official start of curbside recycling modernization on January 1, 2025, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) announced a wide-scope organizational transformation to fully implement extended producer responsibility (EPR) and ensure the success of this major change in the management of the curbside recycling value chain.

After months of planning, the structuring of the producer responsibility organization (PRO) is now ready to complete the preparation of ÉEQ to oversee, manage and finance all curbside recycling services in Quebec. The exercise was planned in accordance with the organization’s mission and values, with the support of the Board of Directors and the guidance of experts.

In the wake of this announcement, Maryse Vermette, President and CEO of ÉEQ for more than 15 years, introduced her new senior management team, consisting of 6 Vice-Presidents, to the organization’s staff.


  • ÉEQ’s approach is based on best practices and is aligned with its reality. The success of the exercise mainly depends on the involvement and contribution of all managers and employees at each level;

  • The new management team is made up of a good balance of seasoned managers, who know ÉEQ and its environment well, and new experienced managers who bring a fresh perspective. In short, a combination of experience and innovation!;

  • The new organizational model has 3 functional groups:

    -The Operational group includes areas that will be at the forefront of the organization in order to develop business relationships with producers, ensure the supervision of curbside recycling agreements with municipal organizations and sorting centers, as well as ensure the marketing and recovery of materials;

    -The Expert group focuses on areas related to value chain innovation, as well as the optimization and modernization of the sorting and secondary sorting infrastructure;

    -The Corporate group focuses on internal activities in support of ÉEQ’s mission, i.e., those necessary for the smooth running of the entire organization.

  • In addition to the President and Chief Executive Officer, there are now 6 Vice-Presidents in senior management:

-Philippe Cantin, Vice President, Producer Responsibility;

-Mathieu Guillemette, Vice President, Curbside Recycling;

-Normand Gadoury, Vice President, Innovation and Infrastructure Projects;

-Hugo Lapointe, Vice President, Financial Management and Organizational Performance;

-The person who will act as Vice President, Material End Markets and Recovery, and the person who will be the Corporate Secretary and Vice President, Legal and Public Affairs, will be announced shortly.

  • 3 Senior Director positions have been created, two of which are the following:

-Geneviève Dionne, Senior Director, Ecodesign and Ecomodulation;

-Isabelle Laflèche, Senior Director, Producer Service and Compliance;

  • 6 Director positions have been created, three of which are the following:

-Isabelle Massé, Director, Marketing;

-Richard Schofield, Director, Infrastructure Projects;

-Katlyn Dubé, Director, Municipal Partnerships.

  • Next steps in the restructuring:

-Early April: collaborative workshops on ÉEQ’s vision and values, its managers and employees;

-Early May: unveiling of the complete and detailed structure to all staff;

-May to June: understanding and adoption of the new organizational model.


“I am extremely proud to see the evolution of our organization. And also, I must say, to see so many exceptional managers join forces to achieve our great mission. The structure will make it possible to fulfill our purpose. The challenges are great but so inspiring.”

— Maryse Vermette, President and CEO of Éco Entreprises Québec

“The Board of Directors has adopted this new organizational model that meets the requirements of our responsibilities as a PRO and which ensures sound governance.”

— Denis Brisebois, Chairman of the Board of Éco Entreprises Québec

About Éco Entreprises Québec

Since 2005, Éco Entreprises Québec, a private, non-profit organization, has been representing producers who market packaging, containers and printed matter in their responsibility to finance curbside recycling. Appointed as a producer responsibility organization (PRO) in 2022, ÉEQ is in charge of managing curbside recycling in Quebec from a sustainable development perspective.

As the leader in extended producer responsibility (EPR), ÉEQ develops, manages and advises its producer members on circular economy solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. To achieve this, ÉEQ places ecodesign, recyclability and traceability at the heart of its actions with its partners. ÉEQ will continue to fulfill its role as a PRO during the transition from the compensation plan to EPR curbside recycling.

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