Coming into force of the 2023 Schedule of Contributions

Today, June 21st, the 2023  Schedule of Contributions has been published in the Gazette officielle du Québec by ministerial order. This publication marks the official start of the 60-day reporting period.

Targeted companies, therefore, have until August 21st to report containers, packaging and printed matter they placed on the market throughout the Quebec territory during calendar year 2022. Submit your report here. 

For all details regarding the payment schedule, please see the obligation deadlines.

What’s new in the 2023 Schedule of Contributions

For the 2023 Schedule, some new conditions apply, including:

  • Designated materials now include porcelain (included with ceramic)
  • Eco-modulation of the rate for Polypropylene (PP)
  • Separate report for containers and packaging that will eventually be included in the deposit system
  • Penalty for failure to report

Would you like to find out more about the PFP, the new contractual structure, the new 2023 SoC and the ecodesign incentive bonus? We invite you to watch our webinar on the subject. 

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Becoming a member

Under extended producer responsibility (EPR), all producers must now become members of the PRO (ÉEQ), in accordance with the Regulation respecting a system of selective collection of certain residual materials. The membership contract, general conditions and 6 related policies are available for consultation on the Reporting Portal.

Becoming a member is easy, you do it when filing your report for the 2023 Schedule. A video explaining the membership process is available to guide you (an English version will be available soon).   

Special PFP

The PFP is the special producers’ financial participation. This amount will be used to meet the requirements of the EPR regulation for curbside recycling, and in particular to finance the costs associated with the agreements to be signed with municipal organizations in 2024, to set up a reserve fund and to finance expenses associated with ÉEQ’s new role as PRO for curbside recycling.

The special PFP is paid by each producer member of ÉEQ who reports quantities of materials (not covered by the deposit-refund expansion – exceptions apply) as part of the 2023 and 2024 declarations (one special PFP per report). Small producers eligible for a flat rate and who choose this option will have payment of the special PFP deferred to the 2024 report in order to accumulate the 2 special PFPs. 

Click here to view the 2023 Special PFP rates. 

Continuation of the Bonus

The ecodesign incentive bonus is back for a third year in a row! Launched in 2021, the bonus is a way to acknowledge and recognize producers’ efforts regarding containers and packaging ecodesign.

Companies that marketed containers and packaging produced as part of an ecodesign initiative during 2022 may receive a credit of up to $60,000 towards their annual contribution for next year. Learn more here. 

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